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Hello everyone, and welcome back to Jenna Ushkowitz Online! As you may have seen, this site was up for adoption by it’s host. I, Maddie am proud to announce that I have adopted the site! I promise you is in good, caring hands. I have years of expeirence with fansite owning and running. I cannot wait to get start posting and being the site back up to date! With that said, the site does need some work. Some things needs added,  and some need moved. Please bare with me while I make those changes. The site will still be up and running, but working behind the scenes may interfere with the timing of posts. When everything is done and up to date, I promise we will have a relaunch party! Until then, make sure to follow on Twitter @JennaUshOnline. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via twitter or email.


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