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Here’s a first look at Hello Again, the film adaptation by Tom Gustafson (Mariachi Gringo) of composer-lyricist Michael John LaChiusa’s acclaimed 1994 musical. A new riff on La Ronde, the scandal-causing Arthur Schnitzler play from 1897 (first filmed by Max Ophüls in 1950 and subsequently by Roger Vadim with 1964’s Circle of Love and Otto […]

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How lovely to be a woman… ?So proud to have marched with these kick ass women (and @egroove) today. ?? Ein von Jenna Ushkowitz (@jennaushkowitz) gepostetes Foto am 21. Jan 2017 um 17:07 Uhr

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Gallery Link: Events in 2016 > 11-11 – 2nd Annual Baby Ball Gala [+ 22]

The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway announced today additional cast members, playwrights, and directors for its anticipated annual production at American Airlines Theater on November 14, 2016. The intensive theatrical endeavor brings together distinguished professionals from across the nation’s entertainment industry to write, direct, and perform six original plays within 24 hours. Proceeds from the […]

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Gallery Link: Events in 2016 > 10-10 – Broadway Sniffs Out Cancer [+ 4]